Co-Investment and Collaboration

We are committed to collaboration, and our international regulated fund manager will bring that same focus on collaborative opportunities to the IFA ’s portfolio development.   Where the required level of project finance is greater than the funds prudential sovereign or sector limits, partnerships will be offered to other approved funds, and – beyond this – we will always look for transactions that provide other, like-minded investors and local financial institutions an opportunity to participate and add value.

Underpinning the IFA’s investment management brand, is the tenet that the IFA’s first responsibility will always be to deliver strong returns to investors through sound governance and strong financial management.  An IFA loan may be syndicated but the IFA will always maintain responsibility for governance and compliance.

Co-investors will have access to the technical appraisal expertise within the IFA:

  • high-quality pre-vetted pipeline of opportunities
  • strong technical expertise for effective due diligence
  • cross sector and cross geography information and experience sharing
  • strong post-management provided by the IFA
  • Increased negotiating power, through local network and track record