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Mayotte – “Paradis of France”

On this majestic island, different people have settled leading to different religions and languages. Islam and Christianity are the major religions, and the people speak French, Swahili, Bushi and Maore. Ensure that you are conversant with at least two of these languages to have an easy time there. Which place or paradise are we referring […]

Niger – ‘The silent crisis’

Most folks might not know where Niger is even if it is the largest country in Western Africa, and when it makes the news it rarely makes waves internationally for the wrong reasons.  To make matters worse, Niger recently the unpleasant position of 188th out of 188 countries in the Human development index (it is […]

Tunisia -‘The land of stories’

As the most northern country in the continent of Africa. It calls both Algeria and Libya neighbours, along with the gorgeous coastline of the Mediterranean Sea where the city Hammamet embodies beautiful resorts that tourists have flocked to since the 1960s. Yip you guessed it, it is Tunisia. Officially known as the Tunisian Republic, Tunisia […]

Eritrea – ‘Patriotism versus Hope’

  Bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti, it occupies a strategically important area in the Horn of Africa and this country is known as Eritrea. Eritrea was previously known as the city and the kingdom of Aksum which was a major naval and trading power from the 1st to the 7th centuries C.E. As a […]

Reunion – “The French Narnia of Africa”

Somewhere off the coast of Madagascar, 9000km from Paris, there is a little piece of France floating in the Indian Ocean. Despite being very, very far away from the homeland, Reunion Island is part of France whether you can wrap your head around it or not. The 51km wide island forms part of the African […]

Mauritania – ‘“land of a thousand poets’

If you ever looked for a country that fits the picture of the Arabian fictional movie, Aladin, one would not rule out Mauritania. The Northwest African country has a rich repertoire of oral literature including epics, riddles, folk tales and legends, Islamic poetry and prose with storytelling fitting the Mauritanian tradition for centuries. And what […]

Cape Verde – “The way forward”

As a very small island economy in the Atlantic Ocean situated in the Sahelian belt off the coast of Senegal in Western Africa, Cape Verde has managed to defy the odds and transform itself from an extremely poor country into one of the better performing economies in Africa in just over three decades. The history […]

Burundi – Hope in the abyss

Unlike the borders of most countries in sub-Saharan Africa, the boundaries of Burundi were not drawn by European powers. Rather, they reflect a state that was developed by the Burundian monarchy. The country was originally populated by the Twa, a Pygmy hunter-gatherer population. But from the beginning of the Common Era, the vast majority of […]

Benin – The diminutive opportunist

If you look geographically at Benin, it seems to be a country that has been squeezed in on the African continent on the last minute. Even more strange the country is known as the cradle of ‘voodoo’. The locals call it ‘Vodun’ which means ‘spirits’. And before you start imaging voodoo dolls and all the […]