IFA Agrees Strategic Partnership with Power Group

The new arrangement will give the Power Group access to a broader range of bankable pan-African infrastructure transactions, and provide the IFA with a leading, ‘unashamedly ethical’ partner with whom to pursue its prioritization of a new form of ‘Governance Leadership’ in African infrastructure investment

The IFA and Power Construction entered into a memorandum of understanding today, setting out the terms of its new practical business partnership.  Under the provisions of the agreement, the IFA will utilise the diligence, evaluation and technical construction and engineering services of the Power Group as it works through the strong pipeline of infrastructure transactions it is now being presented with in its target AU Member States.

Neil de Beer, the Chairman of the IFA said:

“It is a huge privilege to announce the collaboration between ourselves and Power Group.  I have known Graham Power as a mentor and guide in life for the past 30 years; for me personally, the entering into of this arrangement allows me to continue to pursue my dream of working with the finest leaders in Africa.  More than that, however, today is about forging a partnership that will change the way we assess, execute and manage infrastructure development on the African continent

The vision of the Power Group, as a leading business in South Africa, is to build the continent through an ethical approach to construction – as the IFA, we can think of no better partner for our own deep-seated principles and values.

As an infrastructure fund for Africa, the IFA is proud to form this association to ensure that not only we can fund huge infrastructure developments into Africa, but also with the Power Group, construct and implement these projects to enhance regional trade  among AU Member States and dramatically improve the lives and opportunities for the African people.”

Mr Eric Langalakhe Mahamba-Sithole Joins the IFA Team


Today the IFA is proud to announce the appointment of Mr Eric Langalakhe Mahamba-Sithole, a former IDC AFRICA executive, as advisory consultant.

I am most proud to have Eric as an advisor to the IFA and, as a group, to have Eric is a true honor. Eric served the IDC in Africa for more than a decade and will now assit our future development in funding African infrastructure projects.

Neil De Beer